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Frequently asked questions

How much does the app cost?
Access to the city game costs €19 per team of 1 to 4 players
How does the purchasing process work?
Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email containing :
  • A button to start the city game immediately
  • A QR-code, which your partners can scan to launch it too

At the Tourist Office and some of our partners, you'll get a physical ticket with a QR code that you just have to scan.

Important note: there is no mobile app to install.
How long does the city game last?
It takes about two hours. But this can vary:
  • You can take a shortcut to save time
  • Some texts (historical details) are optional
  • There's no stopwatch (except during the puzzles, but it only has an impact on your ranking). So you can take your time, take breaks, ...
When can I use the app?
Whenever you want. There is no validity limit. But the course can only be completed once.
What's the best time?
For more peace and quiet, choose the end of the day or the morning - except on market days: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday morning.
Can we find you on the App Store / Google Play?
No. Studio Guimauve city games are not mobile applications, but what we call web-apps.
All you need is a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). The one already installed on your phone will do just fine!
Is my smartphone compatible?
The city game can be launch on Android cell phones from version 6 (2015) or on iPhones from version 7.

You will also need an Internet connection plan (3G, 4G or 5G). Make sure your phone is fully charged.
Do I need several smartphones?
One smartphone is enough. But we recommend at least one smartphone for every 2 people.
Everyone can then follow the route on their own phone by scanning the provided QRcode
How many players?
Between 1 and 4 per team.
Do I need several tickets?
No. A single ticket allows multiple players to play simultaneously.

Smartphones are synchronized: if a team member solves a puzzle or moves to the next scene, all players immediately switch to the next scene.

If you want more independence, form several teams and take one ticket per team.
How old to play?
At least 12 years old. The puzzles are sometimes a little difficult, and the amount of information is high for younger children!
What is the difficulty level?
The puzzles don't require any prior knowledge, but some of them will give you a hard time!
Don't worry, clues will be given. Whatever your current form, you'll find the answers.
Can I take a break?
Yes, you're allowed to eat ice cream to cool your brain down ;-)
Is there a ranking?
Yes, the time you spend solving each puzzle is counted. Penalties are added for each use of a clue.

At the end, your total time will be used to determine your ranking.
Can I get a refund?
If you bought the ticket via our website, you can get your money back within 30 days if you haven't completed the first puzzle.

To do so, simply click on a link in your purchase confirmation e-mail.
In fact, who are you?
Studio Guimauve is a young French company founded by a heritage enthusiast, she is accompanied in this adventure by an engineer who loves... games!
The combination of these two passions results in fun heritage discovery tours ;-)